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About Us

About AsgaTech | Software House and Digital Solutions

AsgaTech is a Riyadh-based digital solutions company that delivers added-value digital and software services thanks to our tech-savvy minds and craftsmen. We have been doing business in the MENA region for over 16 years. And with a collective experience of more years than we care to remember, we help businesses to innovate with our custom-made solutions

What Does AsgaTech Do?

Build digital solutions that empower brands, create monetization models, boost business performance and increase customer engagement of our clients

BuiWe have been building high-performance websites, first-class apps, and powerful software. AsgaTech creates a compelling digital experience for multiple businesses across a variety of sectors. We transform your strategies into software that maximizes your business processes

Our main services include enterprise software solutions, outsourcing and consultancy, low-code development, and cloud-based Software as a Service (SaaS) products.

Our success factors make a behavior pattern defining our culture and used across our organization. Here are our core values



Simplifying your maintenance process and Customized to match your business needs.

Our Mission

To be the leader in delivering customizable maintenance management solutions through the most flexible partnership models with customers.

Broad Vision | Shared Responsibility

Efforts of our teamwork are geared toward one broad vision: being a benchmark in enterprise mobility management solutions in the MENA region. Everyone, across our premises, knows and eyes up such a vision.

Results-Focused Leadership | Borderless Work

Our productivity is free from hierarchy barriers and position limitations. Leaders in AsgaTech define results by understanding audience and customers’ needs. Teams are aware of the attributes of their leadership and targeted results

Effective Teamwork | People-Centered

Since we have an organization-wide vision, our goals are always set clear. Transparency is the practice of our leaders making every piece of information accessible to their teams. We recognize achievements of our people; a motivation that boosts productivity considerably

Innovation | Inevitable to our Success

In the ever-changing world of technology, innovation is key in every process we do. We frequently review our in-house practices of innovation to make sure everyone is on the same wavelength

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