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Purchasing & Suppliers

Purchasing & Suppliers

Purchasing & Suppliers Management

World class purchasing management solution with a smart and easy procurement process to buy the needed spare parts.


i-Maher Benifits

Choose the best!

Purchasing management solution offers a full procurement process with the ability to send automated PRs to suppliers and record their prices for bidding to choose the best.

Simpler purchasing process

i-Maher offers automated steps to send emails to related suppliers for a specific type of spare parts and makes it easier to finalize the purchasing with the ability to print POs directly from i-Maher.

Better fraud control

With all bidding prices from suppliers recorded on i-Maher solution, you have full control on procurement process.

Better stock control

i-Maher advanced monitoring dashboard will allow you to control and be notified when spare parts stock level quantity is low.


  • Adding supplier’s information (Supplier name, Address).
  • Easy way to View/Update/Delete supplier.
  • Ability to add one or more contact person for each supplier (Name, Email, Phone, Mobile).
  • The ability to specify which asset components and which asset models a supplier can provide.
Purchase Requests:
  • The ability to view a list of purchase requests.
  • Customizable purchase request sequence number (sequencing by date, customer, type…).
  • The ability to create purchase request for work order.
  • The ability to specify one or more spare parts / material classification for which supplies can submit their prices using specific models.
  • The ability to specify the amount for each item.
Bidding: Manage bidding to get the best price
  • The ability to filter suppliers if items in the purchase request match their activities.
  • The ability to send price list request to each proposed supplier using one of their registered contacts.
  • The ability to record each supplier’s price for each item in the list.
  • The ability to specify different spare part/ material type that match the requested spare parts / material types classification requested in the purchase request in each of the supplier bids.
Purchases Orders:
  • The ability to create a purchase order after agreeing on the final price.
  • The ability to search through purchase orders.
  • The ability to record the actual supply of items to the stock and to select which store will receive the items.
  • The ability to print purchase orders.
  • Customizable purchase order sequence number (sequencing by date, customer…).

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