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i-Maher Benfits


i-Maher supports full localization Support for all screens and Mobile applications


i-Maher can be fully customized with simple configuration based on customer needs

User Friendly

You can simply learn to use its simple user interface and add Maintenance Plans , Place work rders or follow up on KPIs dashboard


Simplifying your maintenance process and Customized to match your business needs.

Our Mission

To be the leader in delivering customizable maintenance management solutions through the most flexible partnership models with customers.

Our Benifits

Eagle Eye Dashboards

An end to end tracking maintenance progress with fully customizable dashboards that gives the management a full overview with all levels of details needed.

Lower Costs

Lower maintenance cost with early alarms of best maintenance time, delayed tasks or signs of potential equipment failure to be resolved before downtime.

Improved Productivity

i-Maher connected mobile apps for both end user and maintenance team can improve productivity up to 25% with mobile work requests support and immediate push notifications and interactions between the team.

Better ROI

  • Better return of investment with:
  • Increased assets lifetime
  • Less downtime of equipment
  • Maintenance cost reduction

Better Strategic Decisions

i-Maher collects all operational data and analyze the cost-benefit of different assets for better strategic decisions in case of lack of performance of a specific asset or excessive maintenance needed where asset replacement would be recommended.

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Get the most optimized performance for your organization with i-Maher maintenance management solution.