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Work Orders

Work Orders

Advanced Work Orders Maintenance Management

Simplify your maintenance process with i-Maher intuitive work order management solution interface and seamless experience through QR code scanning for your assets and more.


i-Maher Benifits

You are in charge

With i-Maher comprehensive dashboards and customized list views for work orders you can assure that everything is moving according to business priority and you can change and modify maintenance schedule or priority at any point of time.

Improved productivity

i-Maher connected mobile apps for both end user and maintenance team can improve productivity up to 25% with mobile work requests support and immediate push notifications and interactions between the team.

First things first

All work requests in i-Maher can be prioritized according to business need, team availability and maintenance urgency which will assure that your business needs will be reflected on the operation priority as well.

Increased assets lifetime and better ROI

With work requests prioritized and maintained properly an expected potential savings for maintenance cost and increased assets lifetime are guaranteed which will have a positive impact on organization’s ROI.

Less Downtime

Unplanned equipment downtime can severely impact business performance and could drive good customers away. With i-Maher, all work requests are properly maintained and scheduled with manual or automatic dispatching methodologies which will ensure less downtime for the organization.


  • i-Maher supports preventive and corrective maintenance programs.
  • i-Maher supports checkups types, checkups schedule and required checkups for preventive maintenance.
  • i-Maher supports automatic dispatching for work orders to responsible engineer based on dispatching rules added by system admin.
  • Manage and record tools used by engineers in repairing operation.
  • Follow up required spare parts and status for each required spare parts.
  • View list of all customers’ work orders.
  • Easily filter and search for work orders.
  • An easy way to view & follow up on work orders by status (New, In progress, Postponed, Done, Closed).
  • Reviewing spare parts required for repairing assets for each work order.
  • System supports work orders creation by two ways:
    • Based on customer work request sent from customer.
    • Not related to customer work request and admin can create it manually.
  • Support approval rules for agent’s hierarchy.
  • Support customer approval for closing work orders related to his work requests.
  • Receive real time push notification and emails upon any update on work orders.
  • The ability to print all work order details.
  • View all work order activities log.

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