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Asset Management

Asset Management

An Industry Standard Asset Management

Increase your assets life time and get most optimized performance with i-Maher comprehensive asset management solution that provides all in one asset management with all details in one place like asset allocation, health, usage history, maintenance history and more!


i-Maher Benifits

Increased assets lifetime and better ROI

With work requests prioritized and maintained properly an expected potential savings for maintenance cost and increased assets lifetime are guaranteed which will have a positive impact on organization’s ROI.

Less downtime

Unplanned equipment downtime can severely impact business performance and could drive good customers away. With i-Maher, all work requests are properly maintained and scheduled with manual or automatic dispatching methodologies which will ensure less downtime for the organization.

Digitized records

Instead of old files, score cards or even excel sheets, i-Maher provides all assets related info in one place, which helps in understanding the history of your assets vital data.

Better data driven decisions

i-Maher collects all assets data in one central dashboard and gives the ability to detect which assets are not efficient enough to be inspected or needs to be replaced.


  • View asset history, maintenance log, location in property manager and more.
  • A world class assets hierarchy
    • Multi-tenant and multi-site support
    • Multi-organizations and multi-customers’ support
    • Regions support
  • Advanced property manager support to have assets hierarchy based on location, floors, rooms, etc.
  • The ability to add custom fields based on assets business or industry.
  • Support QR codes generation and usage for quick maintenance and inspection.
  • Define dynamic assets types and categories.
  • Define assets information (Asset type- Asset code – Asset description - ... etc.).
  • Manual and automatic encoding for assets.
  • The ability to import assets information from a predefined excel template.
  • Link asset with physical location using tree technique.

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